The best To-Do List System

Let me tell you about the best To-Do List System I’m using, the only one you need that could replace every single app on your mobile or your desktop. You are not gonna need bullet journals, google keep, org-mode or evernote for to-do list anymore.

A timeless method for to-do list:


What the fuck? You may asked.

I found it’s better to use a real to-do list, which you can just put it right under your nose, rather than an electronic one that hidden somewhere in your browser, or buried somewhere as an org-mode file, and required some efforts to open it up.

The paper list doesn’t go anywhere, you can quickly glance at it, take the pen and write it down immediately when something is coming up, you can’t forget it, and it will make you feel more responsibility with the tasks you wrote down.

This is what you need:

For an on-going task, draw a circle following by a description:


The description should be clear, with the definition of done, do not put something generic or unclear without the goal, you won’t make it without a goal.

If you need a deadline, put it on the right side:


You can even update the deadline:


When you done with it, just fill the circle, and scratch the whole line out:


That’s it. The to-do list need to be in short term only, for me, it’s just in a day. Any longer schedule should be on a calendar. At the end of the day, I just tear off the page, and throw it away. Carry over the to-do list will ruin your productivity, so don’t do that.

If you need to store the lists to keep track of your productivity, you can use Scannable app to scan and store it into your Evernote. It would be useful because Evernote can search for your handwritten text directly.


Update: After trying out Evernote OCR feature for a while, I decided to move to OneNote, the Office Lens + OneNote is a better OCR solution, because, you can see, it can recognize my dirty handwriting very well…


Some might prefer bullet journals, it’s a good method as well, as long as you try to focus on the note-taking, don’t be that guy who trying to keep his notes tidy and clean and beautiful just to upload them to Instagram, some even draw some fancy stuff, that’s unneccessary and waste of time.

I doubt any of those guys who posted fancy to-do lists ever use a to-do list.

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