Being lazy turned out to be good

One thing I’ve learned about staying motivated on building your product is to stay consistent. Keep on improving it everyday.

Even when you feel like you don’t want to work on your project today, instead of give it a break and watching Youtube, try to find some small thing that doesn’t take too much of your effort and work on it. Maybe it’s a small bug that not a priority for a while, or a small UI improvement that nobody would even notice.

So, today is a day like that. I’ve been stuck with an issue in the code for a few days and I just want to give it a break. Finding some small things to fix and relax my mind. That’s how I decided to fix the Today view.

In case you don’t know what is Today view, just type today in Pomoday.

The Today view yesterday

This view looks “okay-ish” but there are some issues with it. Nobody actually need a numbered bullet there, the status text looks lengthy, the start time and time spent doesn’t looks brief enough for a timeline. So, here come the improved version:

The Today view today

Looks better, huh? In dark mode as well:

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