A browser in your Emacs (macOS)

Since it’s no big deal for Linux users to use xwidget-webkit browser inside Emacs, it’s something that Emacs users on macOS has dreamed about for a really long time.

Now that it’s possible for us as well. You can just install the latest HEAD version of emacs with brew, with a note: The official emacs formula on brew doesn’t have the install options like --with-cocoa anymore, so you gotta use the alternative formula:

brew tap daviderestivo/emacs-head

Now, install Emacs with a couple of options, especially, don’t miss the --with-xwidgets:

brew install emacs-head --HEAD --with-jansson --without-imagemagick@7 --with-cocoa --with-xwidgets

After installed, you can start browsing in your emacs using xwidget-webkit-browse-url command.

Thanks /u/seagle0128 for the tips.

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